Correct Position at the Walk

Carolyn Curcio demonstrates the proper position at the walk. Notice that her knee and toe are on the same vertical line; her heel is pressed down; her calf is in contact with the horse's flesh just behind the girth; her seat is close to the front of the saddle; and her knee is closed against the kneeroll. Her upper body is only a few degrees in front of the vertical---just enough to be with the motion of the horse. There is a direct line between her elbow and the horse's mouth; and her eyes are up, looking between the horse's ears. Furthermore, the horse is beautifully collected into a medium frame and seems to have a calm demeanor, which is the mark of good riding. The only thing I would correct is that her hands are a little flat. They should be turned in at a 30-degree angle from the vertical, whereas they are at about a 50-degree angle in this photo, an error sometimes referred to as "puppy hands."