Correct Position at the Canter

Jessica Springsteen demonstrates the correct position at the canter. Notice that her seat is on the saddle in "three-point position," rather than incorrectly held out of the saddle in "two-point position," which is an error often seen in equitation-on-the-flat classes.

The photo above is an excellent example of the security and balance provided by a rider’s sound position.  All of the angles are correct, with a straight line being formed between the rider’s elbow and the horse’s mouth, a vertical line from the rider’s knee to the toe of her boot, the rider’s upper body in the middle of the horse rather than leaning to one side or the other, and the rider’s eyes looking straight between the horse’s ears.  Jessica is comfortably sitting the canter in “three-point position,” following the motion of the horse with a relaxed seat.   Her upper body is inclined a couple of degrees forward–just enough to be with the motion of the horse.  The balance of the animal is exceptionally good in this photo, too, as a result of the rider collecting it into a medium frame.  (To see a video of Jessica winning the Maclay Finals, go to and scroll down.)